Nowadays, people term charity as a type of volunteerism which is translated into an organization or an institution that has a goal of reaching out to the less fortunate people and creating a difference in their lives. We are very much willing to go out in our way to spread love and kindness to those people who are in dire need of affection and support in terms of social, mental, and educational aspects...

You May not find time or situation to DONATE directly, so we act as a Bridge for you to Reach them in the form of Donation you wish.

You can say us' To what purpose you wanted to donate and we will fulfill that from our side' and satisfy you as it was done by you directly.


Please contact us on the details given in other page and share your words about Donations and other things with us.. we are always open for you and free to talk.







        This is one of the valuable programs we are thinking to come forward with, every year. Finding the Talented Rural children who are not economically much supported and showing them a light to travel into Brightness with their own Sparkles. our support may be in any way:

1) Providing regular scholarships

2) Giving partial Financial support

3) Support in the form of Text books / Note books

4) Bring out talent by conducting QUIZ / Competitions  etc.....,

FINE hands

Please let us know if you came to know about any such Talents around you and if you are interested to give your hand to them through us..... please, Contact us on our details given: