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In studying any society, we can observe various social groups and institutions, each with its specific functions. It does not matter whether the institutions are related to business, religion, the legal system, or families. They all have functions. for instance, the primary function of a legal system is likely to be the maintenance of the social order in society. The functions of different institutions may overlap and are likely to be interrelated in complex ways. Complicating our understanding of them is the fact that any institution is likely to have multiple functions, some of which are more obvious than others. However, to get a full understanding of a society and its culture, it is essential to comprehend the latent functions as well. In order to discover them, it is often necessary to observe their effects because people are often unaware of them.

our organisation/ community is mainly intended to be with the people who are in Need and Educate / Aware them with the day-to-day society. if you want to be our supporter please don't hesitate to join '' or write us at :  or


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